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About Me.... Rob Tolman

Let's see, the Rob Tolman story...

I was born in Prince Edward Island , Canada, on February 28, 1970 to Dianne and Willie Tolman. I'm sure I was the best thing that ever happened to them ;-). We moved to Dresden, Ontario after a short year's stay on the Island. Since both my parents are originally from the Dresden area, this made a certain amount of sense. I have one sister that is 1 1/2 years younger then me, (Verna). She's married, and has a baby boy (Tyler James), as of September 1998. That's all I have to say about her, besides this story is about Me ;-).

Most of my childhood was spent just outside of Dresden, in Tupperville, a small village of about 300 people in South-Western Ontario. It was a good childhood, being able to do almost anything I wanted; fish, ride bikes, dirt bikes, go-karting, snow mobiling, hunting, and playing many sports plus many, if not all other outdoor activities. I spent much time in Scouting , earning my Chief Scouts award and also frequenting Sunday School in my younger days. Durning these years I learned a great deal about nature and society.

I went to Public and High School in Dresden, and always did pretty well, excelling in Math and Sciences. In High School I played many sports, doing very well, but always having fun, and achieving my grade 13 Diploma. After I graduated I spent one year at the University of Windsor , in Computer Science. After this I decided to change focus a bit and enrolled into Lambton College in Sarnia. It was a 3 1/2 year Co-Op Computer Programmer Analyst degree, and I completed this on the Deans List. I've always kicked myself for not spending the extra time in University, although I don't think I'd be any further ahead because of it. I spent my Co-Op terms at the Lambton Thermal Generating Plant ,working for Joy- MK Projects Company. They were on-site installing scrubber units to improve the quality of the exhaust. While I was employed here I did statistical reporting, data entry and inventory programs to assist a varity of personnel.

After graduation I moved to Toronto, where I live now. I started working for a long distance telephone company called Smart Talk Network and was employed here for approxiamtely 15 months. Then they ran into tough luck and were purchased by Sprint Canada. I then found my current job with Lavalife Inc., formerly Interactive Media Group where I've been since October 1995. This company's main focus deals with personal telephone dating services. It's a pretty high tech company with a open, casual atmosphere that I have enjoyed working in. They've started a dating service on the web called Lavalife, formerly Webpersonals, check it out if you have a chance, it really works, I should know!

Recently I've purchased a home near High Park that I enjoy very much, and the community is very relaxing. I drive a '91 Jeep YJ Islander ,it's excellent to drive around in, specially in the summer. Well that's about it for now...


September 1998

My Sister had her first Baby a boy, Tyler James September 16th, 4 weeks early but everyone is ok and he is a healthy little guy.

May 2000:

I moved out to the country! Just outside a small town called Erin, Ontario. Amazing place I love it here, very quiet and peaceful on a dirt road, the only thing wrong is that the birds tend to wake me up in the mourning ;-) Log Cabin style house on 4 acres of land, lets me do almost anything I want. My drive into work is an hour or less, but weel worth the drive.

Feb 2001:

Recently I started to learn to play guitar and I love it I take lessons from a local musician in Erin. Can't wait until I can play well.

Oh and my Sister had another baby boy February 17th, Thomas William he was 5 weeks early and weighted about only 5 pounds when born, he's a true Tolman though and pulled through like a trooper.

May 2002:

I met a wonderful woman Bridie K. Burchiel, and she has moved in with me to my home. She is a former dance instructor and newly graduated from teachers college, she is a great fit for this career and I'm sure she will excel. So she is looking for a job now. She is a wonderful person like I said and we are very happy, she keeps me smiling, and feeling lucky I found her.

June 2002:

A New PUPPY!!! We brought home a 6 week old Black Lab/ Golden Retiever Cross, She is all Black and we have named her Bailey. She is a handful for now, but is very cute and smart, and will definitely be a very large dog some day soon, specially if she keeps eating like she is. Birthday May 6th 2002, mother Salem, Black Lab, father Dameon, Golden Retiever.

Rob Tolman